The Basics: Summer essentials!

The SUMMER Season, the season with so much sweat, tiredness & annoyance Agree?

Hmmm but this is the same season for VACATION and that’s quite exciting. During this season Nobody wants to stay at home, am I right? Then What about fashion? However, proper planning is necessary for that.

The summer brings laziness and due to which I feel too tired to dress up but I can’t afford to be out of trend you know.

So I was planning to attend an event, I decided to grab something on casual as simple as possible to beat the heat. So I picked Simple dark blue shaded Levis Jeans with my favorite camouflage shirt, which I bought from Buffalo and it seemed perfect. Now Why I’ve chosen this, just because keeping you cool is necessary for this heat. The shirt is light and vibrant with ease fabric. To match my outfit for the day Ive paired my outfit with the Adidas Ease which is really a good pair of shoes for the basic wear as well as any style except the Dapper and along with my Rolex watch. (mentioning was necessary :p)


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