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Hey ya’ all.., How it’s going?!

I know it’s been a while but here I am, back again featuring the most favorite and high rated and must have color clothing in your wardrobe and that’s BLACK.

As I’ve already penned down in one of my blog about how obsessed I’m with the Black color. Remember the Spring break, if you haven’t read it yet, No worries, I’ll be adding the link at the end of this blog so you can hover your mouse arrow at spring break to read it.

Yes I’m too much obsessed about this color! Aren’t you? Soon you’ll be. Here is the reason in depth I would like to tell you why?

Black is the color of strength, seriousness, power and authority. I know its kinda negative too, but who cares? Right! This is one of the best color which works with every skin tone. What if you âre black, white, fair, whitish & so on? If you âre fair or White this color goes top of the hill when you wear it on. If you âre black, damn man it âs the only color, which is way cooler than you think. No matter if you âre white, Black, Fair or whatever, say always yes to this color in your wardrobe. Yes, when I’ve it, I never run out of fashion.
So, then I thought of giving me some urban look with this color, I’ve chosen my

The trefoils boxy tee from Adidas originals with that brand logo on it, itself makes it own statement. Isn’t it? So, I paired it with H&M Biker joggers and the Adidas Superstar sneaker. This street style is totally fine for going out with your friends for Movies, Casual lunch/dinner, hitting the dance floor or a casual party. Black makes you stand out of your way and gives you a bold look with kinda cool attitude.





Photo Courtesy : @SarfareSagarPhotography

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