Playlist of the Week -“Eargasms”

The first blog I write…“Eargasm” 😀

Never thought I’d write one, but I’m bored of the old-school blogs about travel, food, fashion..  Well most of the blogs you read lead to a situation where you eventually spend money in attaining the thing you read about. Didn’t get what I meant?

So here’s the fact. Today you read about a new food joint which serves some good food and this catches your eye and mind, because you’re already thinking about the first bite and a picture of that platter to be uploaded to your Instagram and Snapchat account before that first bite 🙂  time to pay the bill.. yo!! Is that a hole in your wallet by the month end?

But guess what.. I’ve been there and done that.. I’m bored of blogs about food and fashion..  I’m here to share something that you can easily access from your home, office while you’re traveling or even a party..


Well people who know me personally cannot deny that I’m too serious when it comes to music.. its something that pumps me up and gets me that everyday dose of adrenaline, ‘eargasms’ is what I call it..  that nostalgic feeling of listening to a track for the first time and repeating it again and again and again and again and again and again…. Ahhh!! I remember the track ‘adventure of a lifetime’ by Coldplay. Man I binged on it. One song for a few days.. continuously in the head in a loop. Music is one thing that has always given me that strength and sense of freedom. It has taken me from a lazy mood up to a hyperactive monkey in just 60 second I’d said.

Enough of talking and Coming Down to the business. So Akash Shetty writes a blog to share his Rad A.F playlist. I’m open to all kind of genre.. call it rap, metal music, dubstep, Hi-Tech music, techno, deep house, electronic, jazz.. if it sounds and feels good, it’s in my playlist.. I carry my dose of extacy in my phone and feed my brain whenever I have the chance.

Time for some serious sound!!!!!!

Starting off with the first article!

These are a  few artists that I have been listening to since a few years now and they haven’t disappointed me, recommending y’all to experience some insane work by  them.. Dodge and fuski, Zomboy, Excision, flux pavilion, Delta heavy, Dillion Francis,  doctor P, liquid stranger, Rusko, bassnectar, datsik and obviously Skrillex

Dubstep baby!!!!

1) Doctor P – serious sound

Listen to Serious Sound by Doctor_P #np on #SoundCloud

2) Delta heavy – Ghost (zomboy remix)

Listen to Delta Heavy – Ghost (Zomboy Remix) [Nest HQ Premiere] by DELTΔ HEΔVY #np on #SoundCloud

3) Excision & space laces – get stupid!!

Listen to Excision & Space Laces – Destroid 11 Get Stupid by Excision #np on #SoundCloud

4) Excision & space laces – Bounce (antiserum and maybe remix)

Listen to Excision & Space Laces – Destroid 7 Bounce (Antiserum & Mayhem Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Excision #np on #SoundCloud

5) Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (Datsik remix)

Listen to Ultraviolence (Datsik Remix) by Lana Del Rey #np on #SoundCloud

6) Datsik and Protohype – Zero

Listen to Datsik and Protohype – Zero by Protohype #np on #SoundCloud

7)  Bro Safari – follow (Zomboy remix)

Listen to Bro Safari – Follow (Zomboy Remix) by Zomboy #np on #SoundCloud

8) Chase and status ft Delilah – time (Blackmill remix)

Listen to Chase and Status Ft. Delilah – Time (Blackmill Remix) by Blackmill #np on #SoundCloud


9) Zeds dead- lights out (Delta heavy remix)

Listen to Zeds Dead – Lights Out (feat. Atlas)(Delta Heavy Remix) by DELTΔ HEΔVY #np on #SoundCloud

10) The Chainsmokers ft daya- Don’t let me down (Zomboy remix)

Listen to The Chainsmokers ft. Daya – Don’t Let Me Down (Zomboy Remix) by Zomboy #np on #SoundCloud

11) Everyday- Killa Kela

{ this one is the first dubstep Track I ever heard} I’m sure y’all will like it.)

12) Kano- spaceship (trolley snatcha remix) <3


13) Rusko- somebody to love

14) Pixies- where is my mind (Bassnectar remix)


15) A$AP Rocky- wild for the night ft Skrillex, Birdy nam nam

I’ve got some independent work for y’all.. I’m talking about the actual hip hop scenes.. My friends reppin’ the city.. have been working hard and doing things no one has ever done..

Here are a few tracks with the YouTube links to them:

Big ups to Prabhu Shetty for backing me up for the first article!!

First one is Pranay Pawar.. this homie is younger than most of the guys reading this blog.. but don’t let his age create a second thought in your mind.. This guy is a real talent.. Pranay has been in the hip hop scene for a while now and has produced sick beats for a lot of rappers. Call it chill hop, call it trap or call it synthesizers.. I have seen him reach a point where he’s respected as a big name. Y’all can follow him on Facebook or can follow his channel on  YouTube called the ‘Producer state of Mind’.

Taking you straight to his content:

1) All I want- Shinji *free to use beats*

2) Pandora’s box ( this one’s a dark trap beat)

I’ve got some more coming your way people.. next week another list of songs with a new artist right here from India..

Remember it’s music that connects everyone.. Plug them headphones to the phone or pump up the volume on the speakers and try some of the dope shiz.

Would appreciate feedbacks from y’all. Do Suggest me some tracks in the comments and enjoy and share my playlist, oops sorry!!! ENJOY AND SHARE OUR PLAYLIST 😛


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