Top Secrets to strike the Summer

Why worry about fashion when it’s especially summer. Yes, I know you can’t dress what actually you want to but that doesn’t mean you have to skip your love for fashion. As I would advise you to go pick up the style which can help you to beat the heat at the same time won’t let you down. This summer replace stereotype of dressing in comfortable yet stylish clothes. Stay cool and hippie.

Here I am sharing some interesting points to know how you can hit the heat and stay calm in the hot summer.

  1. Upgrading simplicity with a twist: It is really too indeed to dress up in the hot summer but that’s really not the point. Choosing a simple tees or vest in the cotton and linen fabrics is ordinary. Let’s go for some slogan, printed and patched cotton and linen tees and Shorts which is too much in trend since last summer. complete your look by wearing a simple look sandals or Flip-flops.
  2. Go Sockless: It is really inevitable for any guy to leave the socks behind, but it is in vogue since a long time. Go for sneakers or Canvas shoes and pair it up with the plain single colour shorts and striped tees. Go Sockless and Rock!

3. The fit is the king: Style changes. Yes, styling yourself in this summer day might sound the
little counter-intuitive, but trying out the perfect tailoring will work in your favour this summer.
yes, fit is the king. Pick up a washed out skinny fit denim jeans and pair it up with the right
colour tees to make a chic summer statement.

4. Bold: Make a bold statement on this summer with a bold colours and prints.
It is the perfect time to be a braver with the choice of attire.

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